Blackmon Home Loans offers three decades of experience in the home mortgage business. We understand the local home buying process and what residents of Southern Nevada can expect when trying to purchase or refinance a home.

Family Owned & Operated

John Blackmon has worked in the banking and finance industry in Las Vegas since 1987. There is no aspect of finance and banking that he has not been involved in – from being a loan officer to chairman of the board. 

After retiring, he realized he wasn’t done working yet and started Blackmon Home Loans. John, his wife, and their six children are all involved in the company, offering decades of expertise and a caring atmosphere. At Blackmon Home Loans, every client is like family.

Commitment To Do Good

Not only is John Blackmon committed to getting you the best home loan possible, but he is committed to improving the lives of Nevadans and the Las Vegas community. He is actively involved in the nonprofit world and has served on more than 40 nonprofit boards, bringing vital resources and benefits to the valley.

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